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Donate in Memory

You may wish to choose a charity to receive donations in lieu of flowers at the funeral. We start the donation list from time of first instruction and this will usually stay open between 4-8 weeks after the funeral has taken place.

When multiple charities are chosen then we ask that all donations are made to Nicholas O’Hara Donations Account as this is our own trust account and will then give the family chance to choose how the final amount donated is distributed between the chosen charities.

On receipt of a donation we will send an acknowledgement to the person donating and their names will be added to the list that the family will receive once the donation list has been closed. If you wish to add gift aid to your donation then please state and we will send you a gift aid form so the charity may be able to benefit further.

When sending donations to the charity we ask that they acknowledge receipt of them to both the family and ourselves. All donations in memory of a person are sent together to the charity so they may be able to administer them easier.

To make a donation online please complete the form below. Payment can only be made through PAYPAL.

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