At the end of May 2019 Nicholas O’Hara proudly received their 300th review from families they have had the privilege to care for.

The reviews are an important way that feedback is received to the family business not just for the kind words of thanks and encouragement but also the chance to gain thoughts on any part of the whole funeral service that they can improve on as the aim is always to provide a unique and personal service, to meet expectations and leave positive memories from a loved ones service at what is always the families most difficult of times.

The reviews are collected independently by FuneralZone who also provide the online donation facility to the company’s website. Being independent, each review is done by each family, of their own choice by replying to FuneralZone and then they post onto the reviews section of the website. If any one would like more information or the chance to post a review on behalf of their family then please contact us.