A funeral plan is a safe, simple way to plan ahead and help secure peace of mind, for you and your family. And whatever your reason for planning ahead, with the personal care and attention of Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors, you’re in the best of hands – that’s a promise.

1. You’ll fix your funeral director’s costs at today’s prices

And that’s important. You might be surprised to hear that the average cost of a funeral has gone up by 55% in less than 10 years. It means there’s no guarantee that, when the time comes, your savings or over 50s insurance policy will cover the cost of your funeral.

2. Help protect your family from worry and expense

A plan isn’t just an easy way to beat rising prices. It’s also a chance to do somethingamazing for your family at a difficult time. With a plan in place you can help save your family from money worries or stressful decisions about funeral arrangements in the future. That could mean a lot to them – and be a real comfort to you now, too.

3. Arrange your funeral, your way

One of the best things about a Golden Charter plan is that you can choose the send off you want. When the time comes, everything will be taken care of by us. It means you and your family can be certain of a truly personal service when it matters most.

4. You’re in the hands of a trusted local expert

When you’re thinking about something as important as your funeral, it makes sense to talk to the experts. As a trusted local funeral director, we’ll take care of every aspect of your plan in a personal way, taking the time to understand your needs and find the plan that suits you exactly

5. The security of a leading plan provider

The plans we offer are provided by Golden Charter – one of the UK’s largest funeral plan providers. Over 700,000 people have already trusted them with their funeral arrangements. It means your plan offers the best of both worlds – the personal service and care of a trusted local funeral director, and the reassurance of a leading plan provider.

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