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Looking to plan a funeral for a loved one? Or perhaps you’d like to plan your own funeral in advance to save your family from the hassle? At Nicholas  O’Hara Funeral Directors Ltd, we can help to guide you through the process and ensure all of your wishes our met. We are one of the most trusted and established independent funeral directors in Bournemouth, relying on traditional values whilst keeping a keen appreciation for modern funeral trends.

Nicholas  O’Hara are a family business founded in 1974. The company was initially started by Nicholas , his father Alfred (Pat) and his mother Brenda in Wimborne. Today, three further generations work for the company including spouses, uncles, aunts and in-laws. We’ve set up a further two funeral homes since the company’s inception. This has allowed us to extend our services beyond Bournemouth funerals, now offering funeral services across the county.

We have won a number of awards over the last decade including Golden Charter Regional Funeral Planners of the Year Award four times (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014). In fact, we were the first English company to win the award three years running.

Our Bournemouth funeral directors are experienced and are able to help with your every need. We welcome you to get in touch and discuss your plans with us. Below you can find more information on some of the services we provide.

Bournemouth burials

When looking into Bournemouth burials, we can help you with the process, from choosing the plot of land you wish to have your loved one buried in to selecting a memorial. Some people even like to reserve their own plot in advance – whether it be at a parish or a cemetery. We are also able to help with woodland burials, which are becoming more popular.

Bournemouth cremations

On top of burials we can also help you to look into Bournemouth cremations. This is the most popular form of funeral and we are able to help you when choosing a crematorium and choosing what to do with the remains. Most crematoriums offer the choice of a religious or a non-religious service and are also able to display slideshows, play music and even record services to webcasted for those that can not attend the service. We can help to guide you through all of this. When it comes to deciding what to do with the remains, you can choose to scatter them, bury them, take them home or even turn them into jewellery – we can advise on all of these options.

Pre-paid funeral plans

As well as helping those to plan funerals for deceased loved ones, we also help people to plan funerals for themselves whilst they are still alive. Funeral planning has a number of advantages. It firstly allows you to pay for your funeral – taking the burden of the cost off of your loved ones and allowing you to beat rising funeral prices. It also relieves the stress for your family, preventing them from having to make decisions for you and allowing you to receive the funeral that you’ve always wanted.

Our Bournemouth funeral directors can guide you through this planning process. Using the Independent Way Funeral Plan through Golden Charter, you can ensure that your money is protected until your death. We accept multiple forms of payments – you can choose to pay the whole amount up front, or you could pay in instalments over a period ranging from a year to 30 years (if you pay over a year, you won’t have to pay interest). We offer a £100 discount when applying online.

Proceeds from all of our pre-paid funeral plans go to our charity of choice, Julia’s House. We also make donations to the RBL Poppy Appeal all year around.

SAIF Bereavement care

At Nicholas  O’Hara, we understand that the grieving process can be hard. The death of a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences that we face. If you need someone to talk to, we are able to help you with the bereavement process.

Our company is one of few selected funeral homes that is a member of SAIF (Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors) allowing us to offer a free telephone helpline for those facing bereavement. This includes six free sessions of supportive counselling by telephone or face-to-face, as well as email support.

Contact us

Our family funeral directors in Bournemouth are available to answer any more queries you may have regarding Bournemouth funerals and the services we offer.

We encourage you to come and talk to us at one of our three funeral homes across the county (our Wimborne funeral home and head office is the closest one to Bournemouth). All of our funeral homes have 3 Chapels of Rest, family arranging rooms and disabled access and facilities. You can find directions to these funeral homes on our site.

Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email with any queries you may have. You can find more information at our contact page.

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