Nicholas and Jackie O’Hara are proud to announce that their two children, Anthony and Natalie, have become Directors of the family business.

Both children started working for the company during 1997 undertaking different roles with Anthony training as a funeral director and Natalie starting in the office. Their main jobs today continue much the same with Anthony also head of funeral planning and Natalie leading the office but now the four family members share the responsibility of leading and shaping the future of the business.

Nicholas said “we are very proud of our children and both have developed so much, both taking active roles in leading the company in different ways that it became an obvious thing to make them Directors as we prepare for the future direction of the company”.

Both Anthony and Natalie have seen funerals change so much from when they first started and the company grow to now employing 22 staff including other family members “we are so lucky to come to work each day not just with our parents but also a great team, we always say we’re even luckier for the vision, dedication and effort our parents put in from day one to make our funeral homes special and to give most importantly the highest levels of support and care to the families we look after during their hardest of times. We know we have to simply follow their example in this and continue to develop, evolve and invest in the work we do to continue to make our business a success and stay renowned for the highest levels of standards it always aims for”.

When we say our family is here for your family it really is

“Our family are here for your family”

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