“What is someone’s favourite song?” is a question we all possibly could not answer about ourselves or even a closest loved one. At the time of a funeral, music has become an important element in creating someone’s special and unique final goodbye, and for many families choosing what they think that person may like may be a difficult decision.

Every person has a favourite genre, artist or just that one song that always makes them smile. We have seen the popular choices change through generations, from classical, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, TV themes or even the latest song from the charts. We asked some of our team what their final song would be and we got some interesting choices which we shared below.

To help with this and other personal wishes Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors have created a funeral wishes brochure where these choices as well as thoughts on type of funeral, dress code, final resting places and many others can be considered, making it easier for those left to make sure they would choose what you would like.

Even for us as funeral directors this isn’t always an easy discussion, that is why we believe giving these important choices some thought can give peace of mind and reassurance that your wishes will be carried out. For some this may also involve actually purchasing a funeral plan so the costs for these choices will have been put in Trust for the future.

If you would like to discuss or require more information on the services we provide, funeral planning or making your wishes known then please visit www.oharafunerals.co.uk or contact us on 01202 882134

Some of our team’s choices:

Nicholas – Cherish the love – Kool & the Gang

Anthony – You’ll never walk alone by Gerry & The Packemakers

Natalie – Purple Rain by Prince

CJ – Three Lions 98 by Baddiel and Skinner

Rory – The Avengers Theme Tune

Nicky – Always look on the bright side of life by Monty Python

Teresa – Lovely Day by Bill Withers 

“Our family are here for your family”

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