Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors have been named Golden
Charter Regional Funeral Planners of the Year 2012, the first English company to be awarded this achievement three years in a row. The region is one of the largest in the country running from Dorchester to Knightsbridge, London and as far north as Oxford.

The award was presented to Nicholas and Jackie at an awards lunch held
in Newcastle in March.

The success of funeral plans has been down to many factors,
more public awareness, the chance to have your own personal wishes organised, the lack of growth in savings due to low interest rates, not wanting to leave burden or financial worry to loved ones and they’re value for money due to covering the costs of funeral directors services in the future.

Head of funeral planning is Anthony O’Hara who said “To win
the award once was an honour and to win it three years consecutively our family funeral business had to show continued growth within this market and we are so proud of this award. Funeral planning is the fastest growing part to the funeral industry and while it is obviously a good idea to plan ahead the public should also be very aware of where and whom they buy these products from, with many banks, insurance companies and even supermarkets offering this type of product many do not allow you the freedom of choice or flexibility of options, the expertise of a funeral director to actually guide you through the planning or even choose the funeral director of your choice. When choosing to create a funeral plan a person should firstly talk to their funeral director of choice”

To celebrate the success Nicholas O’Hara are holding the
costs of funeral plans until the end of the year and any funeral plan purchased by downloading the information pack from the pre-payment page on this website will also recieve a discount of £100 per plan purchased.