Often we are asked by families if a loved on has purchased a funeral plan through ourselves. We can check our records and also the database of Golden Charter, our funeral planning company of choice, and if we can’t find one, what next?

Now through the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) we are able to use a trace system where information is sent to all registered funeral plan providers who can check their database and if they find a funeral plan they will contact the relevant person.

We do however find that it is often the case that people talk about funeral planning with the intention of doing this or time passes and it is forgotten. There are so many benefits of funeral planning and for more information please visit https://www.oharafunerals.co.uk/funerals/pre-paid-funeral-plans/ or contact us as you wish.

If you wish to try and trace if a loved one has a funeral plan, please click on the link https://funeralplanningauthority.co.uk/trace-a-plan/ and complete the online form.

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