Our bespoke funeral plans start from as little as £4.02 per week.

It can be daunting to think about making your own funeral arrangements. But pre-planning your funeral is one of the most considerate things you can do for your family and friends you are leaving behind. Plus, it means you can celebrate your life your way and arrange the service to include the details important to you.

Pre-paying for your funeral is also a sound financial decision. Funeral cost increase, on average, 80% every decade. But by pre-paying, you ensure you pay for our services at today’s prices, and your family is protected against these rising costs, no matter what. This is the Nicholas O’Hara price guarantee.

With easy flexible payment options starting from just £4.02 per week, you can spread the cost and ensure you have the funeral that delivers your wishes and is truly reflective of you, and your life.

A meeting with our pre-paid funeral planning specialists, led by Anthony O’Hara, takes just one hour of your time. But if you haven’t the time or would feel more comfortable doing this by yourself then you can purchase your cremation funeral plan online through our website, using the link below and also receive a £100 discount off the current funeral plan prices. All meetings are offered with a no-obligation consultation, so you can change your mind at any time.

For more information, to download our funeral plan brochure or to buy your funeral plan online today, visit our Pre-Paid Funeral Planning page https://www.oharafunerals.co.uk/funerals/pre-paid-funeral-plans/ or call us today 01202 882134