We are please to have our new website live with many new features that we hope those using it will find helpful.

Designed and built by Juicy web designers of Bournemouth our new look website has lots of new areas to use and discover information.

The newest additions are the memorial slideshow gallery which will be constantly updated, being able to download our information booklet via the Advice page, also the opportunity to download our pre-paid funeral plan booklet from the pre-payment page, google maps to direct you to our offices and the biggest change and most popular addition is the chance to make a donation in memory of a person online using Paypal to make it secure and fast for those wishing to make a donation this way.

We are so pleased with its new look and hope all who use it find it informative and be able to discover all they wanted from it. Of course if there is any subject about us or the work we do you would like to discuss with us then please do not hesitate to contact us in the way that suits you best.