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A True Family Business


A business full of traditional values, yet with a keen appreciation of the modern era.

Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors was formed in 1974 by Nicholas along with his father Alfred (Pat), a local police officer and his mother Brenda, a nurse and owner of Somerleigh Court Nursing Home which is where today the funeral head office in Wimborne runs from.

Jackie, Nicholas’ wife joined him in the business in the 1980’s and helped modernise the office set-up and create a new partnership.

In keeping with the family business, son Anthony joined in 1997 and later that year his sister Natalie. In 2017 Anthony’s daughter Shannon joined the family team meaning 4 generations of the O’Hara family have worked in the business and 3 generations are working together today, Many family members have, and still do work within the business, including spouses, aunts, uncles, in-laws and many close family friends.

A business full of traditional values, yet with a keen appreciation of the modern era, Nicholas, Jackie, Anthony, Natalie and family thrive on making the business achieve the high standards that Nicholas envisioned when he first entered the profession and which Nicholas O’Hara are recognised for.

In 2014 an expansion project started at the head office in Wimborne and it created new facilities some of which are rated by professional colleagues as the best in the UK.

Now with 3 generations working together Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors is a truly independent family business.

What we do ?


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Burials & Cremations

Choosing a Burial or Cremation is an important part of the funeral process.

Donations & Obituaries

Make a donation or leave an obituary for friends or family.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Pre-arrange your funeral with our popular Funeral Planning service.

SAIF Bereavement Care

Providing a range of services to bereaved people over the age of 18.


Helping you in choosing what stone masonry options best suit your needs.

Legacy Jewellery

An exclusive line of products developed to hold your loved ones memories close for eternity.


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